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The Early Years  1958 - 1959

The Early Years  1960 - 1961

Beverage Servers & Drip Coffee Makers

Electromatic Coffee Percolators

Range Top Coffee Percolators

Starburst Coffee Percolators

Platinum Filigree Gift Line

Black Trefoil

Renaissance Gift Line

Electromatic Skillets & Warming Trays

Grab-Its and Pens and Pigs . . . Oh My!

Large Cookware

Menu-ettes & Covered Saucepans

Party Buffet  /  Royal Buffet

Petite Pans

Platters / Trays / Roasters


Wire Cradles

Platinum Cradles

Saucepans - AKA - Casseroles

Skillets                Bakeware

Teapots & Tea Kettles


Detachable Handles

Blue Cornflower . . . Not Corning Ware

Blue Cornflower Pattern Variations   

Corning Ware Sets

The "N" Series Rangetoppers

The "A" Series In Blue Cornflower

Corelle & Centura Dinnerware

A & P - A supermarket, or two styles of Corning Ware?


About this site and my collection:

This is a showcase for my personal collection of Corning Ware.

In Blue Cornflower, the "P" series ran from 1958 to 1972, the "A" series ran from 1973 to 1988.

Some Blue Cornflower items were produced from 1992 - 1994 by Corning Vitro.

All items are in excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

All of the Electromatics and CorningWare Electrics are in working condition.

Some of the 1950's items are reserved for display only, but the newer ones are used daily.

Nothing on this site is for sale.

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