Corning Ware

Blue Cornflower Pattern


What's the difference?  "A" Style and "P" Style

In all photographs on this page, the "A" style is on the left. "P" style on the right.

Models used: A-1-B One Quart & P-1-B One Quart.

The Handles

A-10-HG - "A" style: 8 inches long / slots in side to accommodate the larger tabs.

P-10-HG - "P" Style: 7 inches long / exposed clamping lever underneath.

The Tabs

"A" Style: 2 inches wide.

"P" Style: 1 inches wide.

Exceptions: The P-84-B, it has 3 inch tabs that do not accept handles.

The A-3-B / A-5-B / A-84-B do not accept handles.

The Bowls

"A" Style: sides are more straight down to the bottom.

"P" Style: bowl sides are rounded down to the bottom.

The Backstamps

"A" Style: backstamp is under one of the tabs, or on bottom of bowl

"P" Style: backstamp is embossed or printed on the bottom of the bowl.

The older "P" series bowls did not always have a size or model number on the backstamp.

If you can't find the backstamp, it may be a real small engraving visible under just the right light / angle.

The Covers

"A" Style: knob is 1.875 inches at top widest point.

The "A" style covers are made to fit with a better seal, with larger knobs for easier handling.

"P" Style: knob is 1.25 inches at top widest point.

The early "P" style saucepans used a Fin cover.




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