Corning Ware

Blue Cornflower Pattern


Blue Cornflower Pattern Variations

Hamlette shows the most common Blue Cornflower pattern I have seen.

Compare her markings to the photographs below and see the differences.

This pattern is used on the Pyroceram lid for the 10" skillet from the 1950's.

Note the center flower is gone, maybe Hamlette ate it.

They did include two extra leaflet sets.

This pattern is found on the P-9-B skillet.

One leaf is missing from the left side, no wonder Hamlette is so fat.

O.K. We found where the extra leaves have gone, it wasn't the pig after all.

They all ended up here on the P-35-B tray.

On the P-48 Sectional platter, we have two missing leaves.

On the original 7" skillet and the older P-41 petite pans, the two leaves are missing under

the center flower. The newer version of these two pieces use a smaller and complete logo. 

Two A-1-B Bowls

Notice the one on the left is a mirror image of the common one on the right.

This is the only piece I have found so far that is printed this way.

This one is vertical and is used on most coffee pots.

The pattern on the right is bolder and missing one stem at the bottom.

The tea pots, tea kettles and beverage servers use both vertical and horizontal versions.


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